Dodge Durango Fuel Efficiency Features

One of the most popular mid size SUVs on the road today is the Dodge Durango. It offers plenty of room for additional storage while also sporting some of the best fuel efficiency in its class. That is why we here at Freestone Chrysler Jeep Dodge are so excited to tell you all about the new fuel efficiency features.

First, the engine of the all new Durango has the ability to disable four of its eight cylinders while the car is in motion. This feature is only done when only four are needed in order to save additional fuel. This feature, with the help of others, allow the Dodge Durango to achieve up to 22 miles per gallon on the highway from its V8 engine.

Despite its fuel efficiency, it does not lack in power. In fact, this SUV kicks out an impressive 360 horsepower which driver will love.



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